When Ashish Vidyarthi sat down to have breakfast on the sidewalk in front of the station


Not only the common belief, it is also a fact that movie stars are big celebrities. From their food to living, all the routine is better than a five star hotel, but the famous actor Ashish Vidyarthi, who has acted to die more than 180 times, did not think about what he did in Begusarai on Monday. There was no such expectation.

On Monday, suddenly Ashish Vidyarthi came to Begusarai after hearing about the National Drama Festival being held in Begusarai. When the organizers organizing the second national festival got this information, vigorous preparations were made for the welcome. Praveen Kumar Gunjan, the famous director and district president of Sanskar Bharti, immediately stood in front of the railway station with his team to welcome him, but Ashish Vidyarthi got down from the car before reaching the people standing for reception and reached Shri Krishna Marwari Restaurant. . Sitting there, he drank tea and posed for a photo with all the hotel staff. After this, wearing a mask and cap, reached the breakfast shop running on the footpath at the station square. Seeing Ashish Vidyarthi in front of him, not only the shop owner Anil and the working staff were shocked. Rather, the people walking on the road also left the work and Ashish reached to see the student. There was a competition to take selfie and photograph with them and Ashish Vidyarthi posed for a lot of photos with everyone. In the meantime, like common poor people, he enjoyed Kachori, Sabzi, Jilbi a lot while sitting on the bench. Chopped onions were also eaten on demand.

Ashish Vidyarthi said that once before this, Begusarai had come to play. But today I have come to see the play, that too without calling. I have decided that whenever I come to Begusarai, I will have breakfast at this station square. He told that the pleasure of having breakfast in Begusarai with common people, sitting on wooden benches like ordinary people, can never be found in big hotels of Mumbai and Delhi. You can find great comfort in big hotels, but this taste of breakfast has stuck in my mind from the very first time and will remain for a lifetime.


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