Studying in “Awsar Trust” is the dream of every student, all the teachers who teach also feel proud


New Delhi: It is every student’s dream to study in former MP RK Sinha’s organization “Awasar Trust”, similarly all the teachers who teach in it feel proud. RK Srivastava, a teacher and renowned math guru of Awasar Trust, considers the former MP as his god.

He said that former MP RK Sinha, who is called the messiah of the poor, has been helping the talents from the very beginning. The recognition that my maths guru has made today has been possible only with the blessings of former MP RK Sinha.

Awsar Trust became a helper of students during the Corona period

When all the educational institutions were closed due to Corona, the organization of former MP RK Sinha continued to help the students preparing for the engineering entrance examination by teaching online day and night. As a result of which all the poor students are giving wings to their dreams by getting success in the engineering entrance examination.

Teacher Mathematics Guru RK Srivastava of Awsar Trust said that students can get information by visiting Aavasar Trust’s website


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