Start this business from home by investing a few thousand rupees, earn lakhs


On an average, about 2.8 kg of detergent powder is used per person in a year in our country. According to the 2011 data, about 68.84 percent of the total population of India lives in rural areas. Which clearly means that there is a lot of potential for this business in rural areas in future. Because due to lack of awareness in rural areas, people do not have a special attitude towards cleanliness. As a result of which the people living in rural areas are able to work only with soap. In the coming time, as soon as the awareness about cleanliness in rural areas will increase. So their washing detergent is expected to use both powder and soap.


Method of making washing detergent powder

There are many types of washing detergent powder already available in the market. All these would not have been created by any one formula i.e. method. Different formulas and different ingredients are likely to be used to make different washing detergent powders. But the method that we are going to tell here, this method can be used as a domestic industry or to meet your needs related to washing detergent powder.

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The following ingredients are needed for the formula of one quintal

1 soda s 23 kg

2 salt 35 kg

3 dus 35 kg

4 salary 10 kg

5 colored grains 2 kg

6 cents 150 grams

The first step in this formula is to pour the above-mentioned ingredients into the vessel chosen for mixing, then engage a person in the process of stirring. And keep in mind that the process of stirring this mixture should not stop. Your aim should be to make a mixture by mixing all these ingredients well. Now that you feel that these ingredients have mixed well with each other and have taken the form of a mixture. So the next step is to add more celery to the mixture made from this formula. And keep on stirring. Without stopping the process of stirring the mixture, now sprinkle little water in this mixture as you wish.

Now when you feel that all the ingredients are mixed well with each other and you have been able to prepare a good mixture. So put the mixture kept in the vessel to dry in a clean carpet or cloth. Now if the mixture has dried up, sieve it through an iron sieve. So that there is homogeneity in the grains of washing detergent powder.

How to pack washing detergent powder 

After the detergent is ready, you can do it in two types of packing. Packing in a polythene or paper box. Which can be weighed as per the requirement. Can packing from 250 grams to 5 kg.


How much money is required to start washing detergent powder business

To start the business of washing detergent powder, small scale can be started with one lakh. You can invest as much money as you want to grow. This money can be spent by dividing it into several parts. Such as raw material, labor, machinery and can be spent on advertising.

Which marketing should be adopted to do business of washing detergent powder?

To start the business of washing detergent powder, you can adopt a variety of marketing mediums. You can sell better quality through door-to-door survey. Credit goods are not sold through this medium. Retailers can directly contact the shopkeepers. Also, you can sell with the scheme by setting up camp in the regional markets. Various types of schemes can also be launched. For example, by taking one free, two kg at once, one glass free and can do better marketing than many other schemes.


Government also gives loan for the business of making washing detergent powder

The government runs many schemes to make washing detergent powder. Through which you can take a loan in the form of a fixed amount. The Government of Uttar Pradesh gives loans through Khadi Gram Udyog. Loans are also available under the Prime Minister’s Self Employment Scheme. Whose interest rate is also low. Subsidy is also available. Before applying, you have to contact your bank.

Equipment and labor for making washing detergent powder

Many types of equipment are required to make washing detergent powder. For small scale you can prepare yourself with labor. For which a mixer machine, packing machine, a ring are required. Big mixers come for large scales in which automatic work is done. In which 4 to 6 labors are required.

Where is the raw material for making washing detergent powder found?

Raw material for making washing detergent powder is available in big cities. It is found in large quantity in Kanpur Ghaziabad in UP. For this information can also be obtained from India Mart website.

How To Advertise Washing Detergent Powder

To increase the business of washing detergent powder, you can do many types of advertisements. This can be done through regional newspapers, local news channels, posters, banners and audios. You can choose according to your budget. All this information has been given according to a business man.

The above mentioned washing detergent powder preparation method is for information and an idea only. To make washing detergent powder commercially, taking training from a recognized institute, and having practical knowledge of it will only be able to advance the business and it is also necessary. Therefore, before starting this industry, do training and contact the people associated with this field. Only then any person will be able to make his dreams a reality and earn money from the industry.


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