Payal Rohatgi revealed the secret in lock upp


Kangana Ranaut’s show Lockupp is in the news these days. In this show, every week the contestants reveal the secrets related to themselves in front of the fans. Recently, the show’s contestant Payal Rohatgi revealed such a secret related to herself which surprised everyone. Payal made many big revelations on pregnancy struggles. Payal said, ‘Sangram Singh loves children, but she cannot be a mother.’ She told that she tried a lot for pregnancy, but she failed. During this she started crying.

The host of the show, Kangana Ranaut took care of him. Kangana said- ‘All those children in the world are ours, who need parents. If we open our hearts, then there is no alien at all.’ It is noteworthy that Sangram Singh was also present in this show. Payal hugged Sangram Singh on seeing him. Payal and wrestler Sangram Singh are living in live-in for a long time. Both got engaged in the year 2014, but both have not married yet. Both can get married in July this year.


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