Earn lakhs by opening 🙎 BC service customer center of Fino Payment Bank


You can earn thousands per day with the bank by opening the service customer center of Fino Payments Bank in your village or locality. Which can earn from 30 thousand to 50 thousand in a month. Fino Bank Retailers can be formed by contacting the distributor of this bank or the branch of the bank, most of the distributors of the bank create the ID ID. So that the person doing banking banking work can do banking work by taking ID. To become a bank BC, you also have to pay some fee, then only you can become a BC of any bank!

How to earn money from fino payment bank

Fino Payment Bank offers a wide range of services. In which money can be withdrawn from aadhar to any bank and can also be deposited. Money can be withdrawn from any bank’s ATM. Along with this, the statement of account of the customer can also be extracted. Fino Payments Bank pays commission on Preeti Tjankson. They are of many types. There is also a commission for withdrawing, depositing and sending money to another bank account. Commission is also available for opening Fino Bank accounts. In this way you can earn money through many mediums.

How to get to Fino Payment Bank customer center?

You can also apply on Fino Payment Bank website https://www.finobank.com to open a Fino Payment Bank Customer Service Center. There is a retailer branch available against Fino Bank in the city and you can also apply for customer care by visiting there.

What are the documents required to open Fino Payment Bank Customer Service Center?

The minimum qualification required to open a customer service center of Fino Payments Bank is Inter. For this you need to have Aadhar card, PAN card or GST. A shop is also a must. Along with this you also need to have a finger device and printer.

Fino Payments Bank BC Service Center opening application ID is generated within 24 hours. For this the fee has to be deposited in the bank. In the same you also get an ATM machine. If you want, you cannot take an ATM machine, it is up to you. You can get information about how much is charged by visiting the website of the retailer or bank of your district.

What are the can-do services in Fino Payment Bank

Fino Payments Bank offers a wide range of services. For example, you can withdraw money from Aadhar to any bank. And you can also deposit. Money can also be withdrawn through ATM. You can pay many types of bills including mobile recharge, dees recharge, electricity. You can also do many types of insurance and can also deposit their installments. And many types of services are available.

Many types of accounts are opened in Fino Payments Bank. Accounts are also opened for students. Current account is also opened along with savings. There is a stipulated fee for each account opening. For more information, you can visit the bank’s website.


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