Aurangzeb had built this temple by Muslim artisans!


Kashipur: The Chaiti temple was built in collaboration with the Mughal ruler Aurangzeb. It was during his reign that a fair started in the Chaiti temple complex. According to the news, it is said that when the health of Aurangzeb’s sister deteriorated, some advisors advised to seek a vow from a monastery located in Kashipur.

Aurangzeb talked about the construction of the temple when his sister’s health was fine and also got the temple constructed after the wish was fulfilled.

The temple of Bhagwati Bal Sundari, famous by the name of Ujjaini Shakti Peeth, is also considered as Shaktipeeth. According to the news of Amar Ujala, the head of the temple, Panda Vansh Gopal told that according to mythological beliefs, wherever the parts of Sati had fallen, there were Shakti Peeths. Bal Sundari’s temple is also one of this Shakti Peeth.

According to another legend, once the king of Kumaon was passing through this area, a stone was hit by the foot of his horse. The king asked his servants to uproot the stone, but he did not.

In the meantime, two Pandits Gayadin and Bandi Din, residents of Lakhimpur Kheri, came to meet the king, then the king wanted to know by pointing to the stone. Both the pundits called the stone made of goddess form from the shape of vermilion as Shakti Peeth. Due to the fear of Aurangzeb, the ruler of that time, no temple was being built.


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