20 rupees pink note can make you a millionaire, Know how to sell


Even a 20 rupee note can open your luck. If you do not have any work at this time and you are in dire need of money then you have a great offer, which can make you a millionaire. No one knows when whose luck will shine. If you have a special kind of note and coin then you can become rich. We don’t even know how useful it can be if a note is kept with us. It is often seen that the one who knows does not have the note and the one who has it does not know how to earn money. This news is for such people, who have pink note of 20 rupees. By selling it, you can become a millionaire overnight.

There is no such figure, but it is said that thousands of people are fond of collecting all kinds of notes since childhood. Now if someone has deposited such a note in it, which has a valuable number, then it will be fun. If you have the same note of 20 rupees, which is mentioned in the need, then you can earn up to 3 lakh rupees from it.

Not only this, if you have 5 notes of that 20 rupee note, on which that special number 786 number is written, then you can easily earn up to 15 lakh rupees. You can easily sell this note on E-bay’s site.

On the other hand, if you have a note with the number 786, then you can become a millionaire overnight. Everything is sold in the market. There are many people who want to have a collection of old coins and notes. They offer good prices for old and rare coins and notes. If you have Rs 1, 5, 10, 50 or 100 or Rs 2000 notes with 786 numbers other than 20, then you can sell them on e-bay. This website is for selling old notes and coins.


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